Achievement of Personal Excellence

//Achievement of Personal Excellence

Achievement of Personal Excellence

A profound, experiential, personal learning programme to prepare individuals for success in a competitive commercial environment.

Apex is a uniquely challenging experiential programme of personal development that has a profound impact on individuals.  The programme focuses on how people can access their own internal resourcefulness when tackling challenges in a personal or work environment.


Individuals attending Apex benefit in myriad ways including:

~  increased personal awareness ~    growth in personal confidence  ~

~  improved relationship skills       ~    enhanced leadership skills  ~

~  higher personal performance    ~    creative entrepreneurial attitude  ~

~  higher team performance           ~    adopting culture of personal responsibility ~

value Apex as it can rapidly increase personal and business acuity and quickly prepare individuals for working successfully in a competitive commercial environment.  It has been running at Warwick University WMG since 1991 as a module on an engineering Masters programme and carries university CATS points.

Large companies
use Apex as a means of accelerating the personal development of key staff to improve individual leadership and team performances in an ecologically and mutually beneficial manner.


“Attending APEx has made a strong and what I envisage to be a lasting impression on my approach to work and especially, my professional relationships.”

“It has engendered a marked improvement in my management skills.”

 “I’m leaving with bundles of enthusiasm, more skills and confidence…”

“Highly recommended course, essential tool in supporting both students and staff”.

“The training was fantastic … I will gladly recommend it to all friends and colleagues.”

Imperial College Post Doctoral delegate, Dept of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Jan 2010

 “…Apex  is the flagship course for our masters programme… it was needed,
in response to our clients, to enable graduates to become effective in
business faster and typically reduces a 1 year induction to weeks.”

Warwick University’s business manager for WMG (Warwick Manufacturing Group)

Over the last 4 years Apex has consistently provided
excellent results for Network Rail

HR Director, Network Rail

APEx (Acheivement of Personal Excellence) is offered by Ultimate Goal in association with The Realise Organisation who own all rights.

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