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 Business Growth Services is a bespoke client driven package designed for companies with high growth aspirations. 

Programmes are individually designed and address according to need any aspect of business from planning, modelling, structuring and financing to coaching, training, leadership development and succession or possible exit.


Here are just some of the benefits of the Business Growth Programme

Companies receive a first class package of support designed to deliver rapid and sustainable economic growth:

  • Diagnostic analysis of opportunities and requirements
  • Business Growth planning
  • Business coaching to support development and implementation of the growth plan
  • Executive Coaching to support achievement of KPIs and personal development
  • Training and Master Classes in business development
  • Creating High Performing Teams producing outstanding results
  • Achievement of corporate and personal goals for all round success.


In any particular business the Business Growth Programme may focus in specific areas according to need:

Business Audit:

Identify capacity and key factors required to ensure growth and the measures that need to be taken in order to achieve KPIs


Company Structure

Governance and key stakeholders

Financial stature

Management and staffing resource


Business Planning:

Mission, Vision, Values

Growth Strategy

Financial performance (including accounts, ratios, projections, CSFs and KPIs)

Growth Vectors (key staff, products, contracts, market … )

Products (IP, patents, rights etc)


Assets & Real Estate (offices etc)

Special issues

Business operations:

Business processes (work flow etc)

Marketing strategy (incl competitor Overview)

Sales operations (incl by customer and project)

Product and New Product Development (incl growth opportunities)

Customer journey analysis

Supplier Overview

Personnel overview (individuals, teams, SWOT, PRDPs, recruitment …)

Financial Projections (5yr P&L, etc)

Investment Strategy

Business Growth Action Plan:

Core issues



Implementation and Delivery