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Executive Coach, Business Mentor, Facilitator and Trainer
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Greg Suart

Do you want to make a significant positive impact on the leadership performance and well-being of specific individuals or teams within your company? Do you want to engage the hearts as well as the minds of your staff to enjoy their work and feel fulfilled whilst contributing real value to the business? Do you want to build resilience? Do you want to make a quantum shift in the working paradigm to gain a different outcome?

Greg is an experienced Executive Coach and personal development facilitator who brings together personal life and commercial experience to offer an inspiring transformational style to changing outcomes in challenging situations. Taking a goal focused yet holistic approach he is able to bring clarity to a situation by being firm on the issues and understanding of the individuals involved.

Greg’s approach builds on his own commercial experience in multinational companies, as an entrepreneur starting his own enterprises and on his own personal experiences in life. The combination of these, result in him being able to effect deep change at an individual and organisational level.

4 corner stones:

  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Mindfulness
  • Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence
  • Physical well-being

Arenas of engagement include:

  • Executive Coaching, mentoring and training directors, senior managers / teams from companies/institutions including: Imperial College, Samsung, London Development Agency, Sky, Paris Development Agency, GDP Global, Training Services Ltd, Astra Zeneca, Syngenta, Diageo, MSD
  • Education: Through the Tsu’chu Biz Foundation (see below) and working in schools with young people approaching examination
  • HM Prisons: Delivery of Personal Mastery and stress management training to offenders in high security
  • Public Speaker
  • Published Author


Greg Suart

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