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Greg Suart and his associates work with business leaders and groups of senior executives in challenging circumstances to transform business performance and personal wellbeing. Achieving commercially successful outcomes is closely linked with harnessing and engaging human talent with a clear, compelling vision and strategic narrative for growth and development. We therefore emphasise creating this essential synergy between decisive action for achievement of corporate goals, with powerful development of individuals and teams strengthened by emotional intelligence, mindfulness and personal mastery.

 Business Growth Services is a bespoke client driven programme designed to meet the needs of companies with high growth aspirations. 

Each Business Growth Programme is individually created to address the specific needs of a company from planning, modelling, structuring and financing to coaching, training, leadership development and succession or possible exit.

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We specialise in coaching with the specific aim of achieving elite performance levels of individuals and teams. Always outcome oriented, the focus is on releasing the full potential of an individual within a challenging environment, so that both the organisation and individual benefit sustainably.

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Leadership & Development Training addresses the skills and behaviours present in supreme leaders. Designed for individuals and groups in senior positions these programmes stretch and develop executives and their teams to perform outstandingly.

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Lending Director, Natwest Bank

Over the years the Bank has provided me with a number of formal courses and opportunities to develop and hone my inter-personal skills, and try to better understand the whole concept of Emotional Intelligence. However  none of these sessions have ever resonated with me in the same way as your coaching and mentoring style. It is a delight and a privilege to watch you, and to directly observe how  a person’s behaviour and demeanour can elicit different responses from other people … Paul