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Greg Suart and his associates work with individuals and groups in a wide variety of situations to enrich the experience of life, relationships and performance with particular emphasis on deepening personal awareness, emotional intelligence and Personal Mastery.

Personal Mastery enables an individual to access at will his/her own extra-ordinary capabilities and achieve outstanding results — it is the key to powerful leadership, excellent performance and gaining a deep sense of personal fulfilment. Also, the ability of a business to sustain growth and prosper, particularly in complex competitive markets, increasingly correlates with the capacity of its staff to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually

Executive Performance Coaching in business establishes Personal Mastery as a key quality of leadership and high performance. Working individually with executives and in groups, managers and their teams distinguish and align personal goals and values with those of the organisation so as to transform performance levels and attain personal fulfillment

Tsu'Chu Biz© for kids is a unique, life changing experiential programme delivered to teenage school children to transform self esteem and raise academic and life skills performance.  This pioneering charity which was founded by Susan Kaye and Tony Woodcock (Notts Forest, Cologne FC, Arsenal & England) uses the game of football to inspire and empower young people to learn entrepreneurship, leadership, teamship and much more.  Further information ...

Personal Coaching is offered in widely differing circumstances. As well as working with young students taking exams and offenders in high security prison, Greg also works face to face and on the telephone with individuals in all walks of life in the UK and internationally

"In My Experience"  ~  Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

Public Speaker:  Greg is a public speaker on Personal Mastery and the value of personal development in building strong, resilient, high performance organisations

Wisdom CardsWisdom Cards   Greg Suart is co-author of the best selling Wisdom Cards Wisdom Cards ...

... an inspiring pack of 54 thought provoking cards for use in the office and at home.  These are a powerful tool for attaining clarity and reaching a centred space wherein wise decisions can be made that support the interests of all parties


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