Greg Suart and his associates work with individuals and groups in challenging circumstances to transform performance and wellbeing. Particular emphasis is placed on achieving the balance between decisive commercial action and achievement of corporate goals with mindfulness, deepening personal awareness, emotional intelligence and Personal Mastery.


GrowthAccelerator is a bespoke client driven service designed to deliver rapid business growth for SMEs that is focused on Coaching, Training, Leadership development and building growth communities to support businesses with high growth aspirations.
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We specialise in coaching with the specific aim of achieving elite performance levels of individuals and teams. Always outcome oriented, the focus is on releasing the full potential of an individual within a challenging environment, so that both the organisation and individual benefit sustainably.

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Leadership & Development Training addresses the skills and behaviours present in supreme leaders. Designed for individuals and groups in senior positions these stretching programmes empower executives and their teams to perform outstandingly.

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As a coach and mentor for the company’s senior executives, Greg has made a significant and valuable contribution at a personal pastoral level and in supporting  managers as the company has grown, restructured and expanded its operations.  This service has proved very useful in developing key leadership skills for senior executives.